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Mount Kilimanjaro

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'''VISIT KILIMANJARO NATIONAL PARKVisit Kilimanjaro National Park'''
Hiking day trips are available for those who do not aspire to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, yet wish to experience the parks' distinct ecosystem, spot some wildlife and get a glimpse of the summit closeup.
'''CLIMB KILIMANJAROClimb Kilimanjaro'''
It takes a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10 days to climb Kilimanjaro, depending on the route. There are seven routes officially sanctioned for climbing Kilimanjaro and two routes used for descent.
These are:
* Day 9: Millennium Camp (3,950 meters) to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters). Hiking time: 5 hours
'''GO ON SAFARISafari'''
As Kilimanjaro is situated near the popular Northern Tanzanian Safari Circuit, many climbers take the opportunity to combine their trip with a wildlife safari. Safari prices vary predominantly based on the type of accommodation - from basic camping to luxury tented camps and 5* lodges. A 3-day sample itinerary can be as follows. It usually includes the Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater (featuring one of the highest concentrations of game in Africa) & Tarangire National Parks for a short but intense Tanzanian Northern Circuit safari experience. Safaris can usually be tailored by the operators to suit your needs and requirements.
Here are more listings. Please note that all listings are being created directly by tour operators and be mindful that they have not been verified for being duly licensed, providing certain quality standards or operating responsibly.
[ Livingstone Safari] ☎ (+255) 766 143 171: During the preparations for your climbing adventure, you may surely have lot of important queries. Many other climbers do so as well. Here you will find the answers to the most popular questions about your climbing adventure on Kilimanjaro with Livingstone Safari Tanzania.
*<do name="Kilimanjaro Climbing and Safari Center" alt="Up the mountain and around the world" address="Daytona Beach Florida" directions="Moshi, TZ" phone="386.788.4441 (o)| 386.547.7091 (c)" url="" email="[email protected]">The Kilimanjaro Climbing and Safari Center began in Tanzania and has grown to include adventures covering the globe. The brain child of two American brothers, one an ardent conservationist and executive with a leading environmental firm and the other an adventurer who has called many of the company's destinations home.
*<sleep name="Kilinopark Hotel Machame" alt="Kilinopark Hotel Machame" address="Machame Tanzania, Machame Route Staring Point Gate" directions="Machame Tanzania, Machame Route Staring Point Gate" phone="752972990" url="" checkin="11:00" checkout="10:00" price="30$" lat="40$" long="">Kilinopark Hotel at Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Machame Route Gate</sleep>
This type of altitude sickness is known as altoxia, a term which is used almost exclusively on Kilimanjaro, since this is the only commonly trekked mountain where these extreme altitudes are encountered so quickly.
'''LIFESAVING TIPSLifesaving tips:''' This can be a life or health saving resource site: Follow Alice is serious about [ Kilimanjaro safety]. This organization provides essential free tips and referrals re: high altitude hiking, as well as some tours that are often funded mostly by lodges. This site offers a free preparation and gear list: .
Most high altitude medical experts recommend against using the ALTOX Personal Oxygen System. Please consult your physician prior to considering this product that is sold at an additional expense by some agents.
Read more about how to prepare for Kilimanjaro here: and What is it like to climb Kilimanjaro here:
There are seven main factors that affect the incidence and severity of Kilimanjaro altitude sickness:

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