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By plane
* '''[ Avianca]''' (main airline in Colombia)
* '''[ LATAM Colombia]''' (formerly Aires)
* '''[ EasyFly]''' (low cost airlineRegional prop planes)
* '''[ Satena (Servicio Aéreo a Territorios Nacionales)]''' (Operated by the Colombian Air Force to provide transport to remote regions of Los Llanos, Amazonas & the Pacific coast from Bogota, Cali and Villavicencio)
* '''[ VivaAir]''' (Former VivaColombia, a low-cost, Ryanair-like airline).
* '''[ ADA (Aerolinea De Antioquia)]''' (new Medellin based carrier offering regional flights in Antioquia and adjoing regions)
* '''[ AEXPA]''' (Primarily a charter carrier to and along the Pacific coast.)
They all Air travel is popular inside Colombia, most cities look not far from each other in the map but the curvy roads in the Andes make for long trips. A typical 35-min flight from Bogotá to Medellín can take more than 8 hours by car. There are around 40 non-stop flights a day in that route making it one of the most travelled in the Americas.The airlines have well-kept fleets and regular service to major towns and cities in Colombia. The major Colombian airports have been certified as "Highly Safe" by international organizations.  Please be aware that the online payment process of some domestic airlines is complicated: For example Easyfly does not accept international credit cards. Payments can be done at the airport or official ticket offices. Also, when you are in Colombia, for most airlines you can make a reservation online and get a 'code' so you can pay within the next 24 hours at a bill payment office (Usually Effecty, ServiEntrega. Similar to Western Union).
===By train===

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