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Cape May

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*'''Dolphin and Whale watching''' -- some of the boat owners guarantee aquatic mammal sightings on every trip. Dolphins seem to be the normal sighting, as hundreds of dolphins summer around Cape May. Whales? Bottle-nosed dolphins are part of the whale family, but are not the only whales in New Jersey. Humpback and Fin back Whales are sighted with frequency throughout the year. Two or three hour boat rides are common. For example, aboard the '''Cape May Whale Watcher''', tel: (609)884-5445 [] (check out the whale videos on the website) you can enjoy a two hour dolphin watch and history cruise or sunset cruise around the island of Cape May, NJ. The "Cape May Whale Watcher" is the original whale and dolphin watcher in New Jersey. Tickets are available through the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC) or on the website.
*'''Salt Marsh''' -- Take a tour of this Atlantic coastal Salt marsh aboard one of the area's boats. For example, aboard the '''Skimmer''', tel: (609) 884-3100, [] which will take you on a journey in search of one of the many creatures that live within the salt marsh. The Skimmer is named after one of the many shore birds that live in the area.
*'''Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC)''', 1048 Washington St., tel:(609) 884-5404 or (800) 275-4278, []. Since 1970, the not-for-profit [ Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC) ] has been bringing Cape May history to life for millions of visitors, providing tours, activities and events in every season from February through December that enhance visitors' experience of this historic seaside town. MAC is the steward of Cape May's three historic sites, the 1879 Emlen Physick Estate, the 1859 Cape May Lighthouse, and the World War II Lookout Tower (Fire Control Tower No. 23), in addition to offering visitors dozens of professionally curated trolley tours, house tours and walking tours that illuminate Cape May's history and architecture. MAC has a professional staff of 24 full-time and approximately 125 part-time professionals who provide visitors information at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth, educate the community and schools with dozens of educational programs, lead tours throughout Cape May and the surrounding area, coordinate group tours of Cape May, promote Cape May to local, regional, national and international audiences, provide cultural programming such as the annual Lessons of History lecture and the annual Cape May Music Festival, mount exhibits annually on aspects of local history, and work with partners throughout the resort. MAC has a membership of 3,500, an annual budget of $3.5 million, 80% of which is in earned income, and an annual visitation of 296,000.
*'''The Famous "Painted Ladies"''' of Cape May - Victorian home tours. Stop at the Washington Mall Information Booth and check out the trolley and house tours of the area that cover the history, ghosts and stories about some of the most beautiful homes in the area.
*'''Sunset Beach Flag Ceremony''' -- There is a poignant flag lowering ceremony held daily at sunset during the summer months, at Sunset Beach, which is at the end of Sunset Boulevard, past the entrance to Cape May Point, in honor of service men and women. This popular event has a 40-plus year tradition and attracts hundreds of individuals and families every evening. Each ceremony is dedicated to a deceased veteran whose family has arranged in advance for the honor. The event is sponsored by [ Sunset Beach Gifts]

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