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There are also tours run by the City Council starting from the Tourist Information Point in Plaça Catalunya. Their fees are around €15/person.
If you prefer to discover Barcelona through its wine and food culture, then you should go for [ Wineberia ] experience. Their tours are mix of walking tour to learn about the city history with stops on traditional food spots to learn and taste about the local gastronomy and wine. For more details see the list of [ Barcelona experiences] (in English).
Another option to discover the local Barcelona side is to contact a local person, who is willing to show you the city around. You can select a travel guide according to your travel activity preferences. The local travel guide can pick you up from your location, take great travel pictures, go shopping or show the non-touristy places if you wish to see them. The average fees are ranging from totally free services to 30 eur/h and more.

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