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United Kingdom

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| image=Westminster_Bridge_River_Thames_London_UK.jpg
| caption=Palace of Westminster, London
| flag=Flag of the United Kingdomunited kingdom.svg| location=United Kingdom kingdom in its region.svg | capital=[[Londonlondon]]
| government=Parliamentary devolved democracy under a constitutional monarch
| currency=Pound sterling (£, GBP)
| area=242,295km²<br />''water: 1,680km²<br />land: 241,930km²''
| population=65 million (2016 estimate)
| language=English, Welsh (c. 26% of population in Wales), Scots (mostly spoken in the Lowlands of Scotland) Scottish Gaelic (c. 60,000 in Scotland), Ulster-Scots (parts of Northern Ireland) & some speakers of [[Irish]] in Northern Irelandenglish
| religion=Christian 37.5 million (59.5%), Muslim 2.7 million (4.4%), Sikh 432,000 (0.7%), Hindu 835,000 (1.3%), Jewish 269,000 (0.4%), Buddhist 261,000 (0.4%), no religion 16.2 million (25.7%)
| electricity=230V, 50 Hz ([[Electrical_systems#Plugs_and_adapters|Type G]] plug)
The '''United Kingdom united kingdom of [ Great Britaingreat britain] and [ Northern Irelandireland'''] (the ''United Kingdom'' or the ''UK''united kingdom) is a constitutional monarchy comprising much of the [[Britain great britain and Irelandireland|British Isles]].
This Union is more than 300 years old and comprises four constituent countries: [[England]], [[Scotland]], [[Wales]], and [[Northern Ireland]]. It occupies all of the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern portion of the island of Ireland and most of the remaining British Isles.
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