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Mount Kilimanjaro

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'''Tipping for Guides and Porters'''
Tipping for guides and porters is standard. A single climber will have on average one guide, three to five porters and a cook. As a group size increases the climbing support team increase at a similar ratio. The Kilimanjaro National Park (KINIPA) stipulates a minimum ratio of one guide for every 2 climbers and a maximum weight per porter of 20kg. Tour operators are meant to comply with these standards[]. In general, you should budget $20-$25 a day for guides, $15-$20 a day for assistant guides, $15 a day for your cook and $10 a day for each porter. Depending on the length of your climb and the size of your group, your total tip budget should be at least $250-$500.[] It is recommended that you calculate how much you will be tipping your support team before arriving on the mountain and prepare individual envelopes for each climbing support member which you distribute at the end of the climb.[]. [ Calculate your tip here]. The gear used by the porters is mostly substandard and is often not at all fit for the trek. If you can spare some of your gear it would be greatly received by your porters or guides.
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