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*The '''El Corte Inglés''' department store has a number of locations all over the city, including in ''Eixample,'' ''Ciutat Vella' and the ''Inland Suburbs.'' In the city center, two ''El Corte Ingles'' locations are within easy walking distance of each other, and the '''Fnac''' department store is also in the vicinity. These stores are very large and have virtually everything you are likely to shop for, all under one roof.
*'''La Boqueria''' is a gigantic public market located in ''Ciutat Vella.'' It is worth exploring for its wide range of both produce and goods, and you can stop off for some fresh-squeezed fruit juice or other refreshments as you shop. Be aware that the market closes down on Sundays. Also, be careful while touching chocolate produce here or you they will force you to pay for it.
*'''Jamon Iberico,''' a Spanish-style cured ham with a rich, nutty flavor is a very popular buy among tourists and locals alike. This ham is made from the ''Pata Negra,'' an ancient breed of pig exclusively native to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).

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