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Romanian phrasebook

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; ă : like 'a' in "digital". This sound is usually mispronounced (people tend to pronounce it like 'u' in 'cup', but in fact, this sound is frequently found in English. When seeing '''ă''' always think of the sound in ''the'' rather than in ''bra''
; â, î : no English equivalent - try saying '''â''' and '''î''' are the same sound in Romanian. '''î''' is used at the beginning of words, '''â''' in all other cases
; s : like 's' in "snake"
; ş : like 'sh' in "lush"
; ţ : like 'ts' in "bits"
; t : like 't' in "knit"
; v : like 'v' in "very"
; w : like 'v' in "very"
; x : like 'cks' in "picks"
; z : like 'z' in "fizz"
NOTE: The pronunciation guides in brackets beside each word only act as guides, due to the fact that they will make the Romanian word have a strong English accent. To get a better pronunciation, it is generally better to look at the Pronunciation Guide above and learn the right pronunciation for each letter (this is easier than it sounds)
*Romanian (person): "Român" (Ro-moohn) *hello: "Salut" (Sa-loot) *good-bye: "La revedere" (Lah reh-veh-deh-reh) *bye: "Pa" (in informal occasions in [[Transylvania]] - "Servus" [sersehr-VOOSvoos]) *please: "Vă rog" (Vuh rohg) *sorry: "Îmi pare rău" (Oohm pah-reh ruh) *thank you: "Mulţumesc" (Mool-tzu-mesk) *yes: "Da" (Da) *no: "Nu" (Noo)
*I don't understand: "Nu înţeleg"
*Where's the bathroom?: "Unde e toaleta?"
*Do you speak English?: "Vorbiţi engleza?"

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