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Outside the city: Adding bus times for emperor tomb bus line #4
*'''Tang Paradise (大唐芙蓉园)'''[] Tang Paradise is the largest tourist program in northwest China. It covers and area of 1,000 mu (about 165 acres) and was established with and investment of 1.2 billion yuan. Located to the north of the original Tang Dynasty Lotus Garden site, the present Tang Paradise is the first theme park fully demonstrating the charm and grandeur of the royal garden in Tang Dynasty. The Tang Paradise boats many new records: the largest movie on water screen in the world, the first theme park of five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell), the biggest outdoor fragrance project in the world and the biggest reproduction of the Tang royal garden comples in China. Ever since its opening to public on April 11, 2005, Tang Paradise has attracted people from different walks of life with its surprising charm, including some prominent political figures like Lian Zhan, Chairman of Kuomingtang from Taiwan. It has become a must see attraction in Xi’an. Entrance fees are ¥120 in peak season and ¥90 during the off season.
* <see name="Tomb of Emperor Jingdi (汉阳陵博物馆)" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="Dec-Feb: &yen;65, Mar-Nov: &yen;90; students &yen;33/45" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Han dynasty tomb (known locally as HanYangLing) containing 50,000 doll-sized terracotta figures. There are human figures (think small and naked version of the terracotta warriors) as well as a whole army-like formation of life-like animals (pigs, dogs, etc). The "Underground Museum" at the excavation site has a glass floor so that you can look down on the ongoing excavations and is definitely worth a visit (especially easy to do if done as part of a journey to or from the airport). There's a very unique holographic movie experience as part of the exhibit (no 3D glasses required, English and some other language translation available, &yen;10). It's also worth getting a guide or following one around (note that English ones are more expensive than Chinese ones) because they will explain things in much more detail than the captions. Some people also climb up to the top of the burial mound (you can see a worn trail going up the side). If you cross the road you can see the Archaeological Exhibit Center (where some of the best figures are kept), a deer park (with actual live deer), and ruins of a "sacrifice temple" (not too impressive). The grounds around the mausoleum are nice to stroll in, with fragrant wild grasses and a rose garden next to the Arch. Ex. Center. It is possible to get to the site via tour or share a taxi (around &yen;200 round-trip, not including waiting time). By public transit, take the subway to Shi Tushuguan; look for exit D; head up the stairs and when you exit, turn right - the bus stop for tourist bus #4 is directly in front of you (the stop is marked, but the bus may not be - asking for HanYangLing will confirm you are on the right bus; &yen;2). Bus #4 starts from here at the following times: 08:30/09:30/10:30/12:00/13:30/15:00/16:00/17:00 and the tomb is the last stop. Be aware that the departure times from the Tomb are approximately half an hour to an hour after these times - eg if you take the 9:30 bus, you will arrive at 10 and have to come back at either 11:10, 12:50, 14:30 or 12, 16:10, 18:3000 (as of June 18).</see>

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