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Guatemala's international calling code is 502. There are no area codes. Phone numbers all have eight digits. On September 18, 2004, the phone system switched from seven to eight digits, and there is a scheme for adding specific digits to the front of seven-digit numbers ( description []).
The phone system works alright. Tourists can call abroad from call centers, where you pay by the minute. It is also easy to use coins to use at public pay phones. Typically, the cost is around 8 quetzals for a 10 min call to North America. Cell phones are quite cheap and calling to the US through one can get as low as $0.08 a min. If you are planning to stay for a while and plan to use the phone, you should consider buying a cheap prepaid phoneor if your mobile phone is unlocked,obtain an inexpensive prepaid SIM card(Claro,Tigo,Movistar). Wireless nation-wide internet access for laptops is also available as a service from some companies. Telefonica has good coverage with their PCMCIA EV-DO cards.
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