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Olympic National Park

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*[[Seattle]] As great as the peninsula is, it’s more likely that this was your “Get Out” destination from Seattle. But, if otherwise, Seattle is a gorgeous city with the same offerings as just about any other major city while still feeling almost like a smaller city in some of the nicer areas. Seattle does a good job of integrating foliage into its concrete machine and has a unique respect towards nature throughout the city.
*[[Aberdeen (Washington)|Aberdeen]] While just slightly too south to be considered part of the peninsula, Aberdeen is one of the bigger cities in the general peninsula area. Fans of Nirvana will know that Aberdeen is the hometown of front man Kurt Cobain, something the town does not shy away from—the phrase “Come As You Are” is included on the welcome sign seen as you drive into the city. In terms of your trip, it’s probably best as a stop on your way to the peninsula, but Nirvana die-hards or people in the southern end of the peninsula looking to buy something that might not be available in one of the smaller towns might want to stop here.
**[[Hoaquiam]] sits next to Aberdeen and is nearly attached to the city, but maintains its own identity. If you’re looking for a certain type of store in particular and you can’t find it in Aberdeen, you might be able to get it from Hoaquiam.

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