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Mirpur Khas

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Mirpurkhas '''Mirpur Khas''' was founded by Mir Ali Murad Talpur in 1806. It is located in southeastern [[Sindh]], [[Pakistan]]. Mirpurkhas can be considered as a Gateway to Thar Desert. From Mirpurkhas one can go to many places in river fed and arid areas of the region with wonderful changing landscapes.
==Get in==
==Get around==Mirpurkhas can be reached from Karachi (where the international airport is located) and Hyderabad by (1) train, (2) bus or (3) rented car / taxi. Trains are not comfortable, but safer and cheaper. Buses are comfortable but always rushing and prone to accidents. Rented cars or taxis are best way to reach Mirpurkhas, but are costly.
==See==One can come from India by train only. Train comes from the Indian town of Monabao to Pakistani town of Khokhrapar’s Zero Point station. From there one can reach Mirpurkhas through Pakistan Railway’s train. The train passes through famous Thar Desert before reaching Mirpurkhas.
==DoGet around==
==Buy==In Mirpurkhas and nearby areas best mode of transport for tourists would a rented car or taxi. Within town one can use local auto rickshaws and Suzuki passenger pick-ups. In order to visit nearby agriculture farms, mango farms, or historical places, it is advisable to use rented car or taxi.
==Drink==In Mirpurkhas one can see some historical places, agriculture farms, mango farms, historical buildings and village life.
==Sleep==Kahu Jo Darro: The oldest historical place in Mirpurkhas is of course Buddhist archeological site, Kahu Jo Darro. A Buddhist Stupa was excavated from this site. However, due to negligence of the government authorities, nothing interesting is left on the sites for general tourists. Archeologists and scientific investigators, however, can still find interesting remains for their research.
==Get out== {{outline}}Chitorri Graveyard: This is ancestral graveyard of the Talpur Mirs, the former rulers of Mirpurkhas, located at about 20 kilometers from the town. Tombs dating back to 17th and 18th centuries have very interesting sandstone architecture. It’s a good site for tourists visiting Mirpurkhas.
Mukhtiarkar Office: Now a government functionary’s office was reconstructed by the British colonial government at the site of the residence of Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur, the last Talpur ruler of Sindh. Nearby this building are the government buildings now used a prison. These are also worthy of visit and photography.
Government Girls High School: This school is housed in a historic building. It’s still a very picturesque inside its compound. This building is now under government’s custody and is being used as a girl’s school. However, this building too has been neglected and not maintained well. It was constructed by a rich Hindu resident of Mirpurkhas during the times of British Raj Period.
Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah District Council Building: It houses District Government offices now-a-day and is venue of District Government meetings.
Durbar Hall: The Durbar Hall of Mirpurkhas and adjoining offices also have historical value. These are is located within the compound of what is now known as ‘DCO office’. It was used as an office of the British Administrators during the British Raj. Later, after 1947, it was used as office of the Deputy Collector, Mirpurkhas. Now it’s in use of District Coordinating Officer for conducting official meetings, etc.
Mango Farms: Mirpurkhas is famous all over the world for its mango farms. A visit to Mirpurkhas would not be complete if one doesn’t visit any mango farm. The nearest government farm, known as Government Fruit Farm, where Sindh Horticulture Research Institute is located, is most famous and easy to visit. Other farms can be visited by contacting the farm owners and local prominent people.
Village life: Those interested in village life or in meeting with former Talpur ruling family members may contact any of the prominent persons. They can also arrange travelers’ visit to the rural villages.
State Life Building: This is newly constructed building in Mirpurkhas. It is very good addition to the buildings of Mirpurkhas build on basis of old architecture. It is located near the DCO Office.
Old Sessions Court Building: It was also built during British Government.
Railway Station: It was also built during British times. Now it has gained importance again due to train to India, which leaves from Karachi, passes with a stop in Mirpurkhas.
Dr.Raheel Laghari is one of the most famous veterinary surgeon in Digri disstrict Mirpurkhas
Mirpur has beautiful land and mountains . Its like half kashmir and people are very good.Weather is always sunny so its plenty things to do there specially like walking , hiking and have shower in lakes.
Author Imran Hussain Siddiui London harrow
Please check this info - I think it refers to Mirpur in the north of Pakistan and not Mirpur Khas (which is in Sindh, on the Indus river floodplain, and doesn't have any mountains nearby). The weather info however, is accurate, although it would be a lot hotter than Mirpur!
Food, Clothing, pretty much everything you want, but its scarce, so look close.
==Drink==Special Drink of Mirpurkhas is Thadal of Belaro Shakh it is on digri road.
Drink some Pakola
and some Sherbat and Lassi (milkshake)
There aren't any good hotels, but if you go to any bank, they have hotel rooms up there.
Shah Rukh Guest House, Opposite stadium located on upper storey of Muhtasib Sindh Office is the best place to stay in mirpur khas. Advance reservations will be helpful as they have limited rooms.
Contact: 03003064264
==Get out==
[[WikiPedia: Mirpur Khas]]
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