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Maracay has never been Venezuela's capital, while Valencia has been twice.
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{{cautionbox|The CDC has identified [[Venezuela]] as an affected area of the Zika outbreak. Pregnant women are advised to be cautious as the virus can lead to birth defects. Adults affected by the virus experience fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes) typically lasting a week. You can learn more by visiting [ the official CDC website].}}
{{Warningbox|Travel to Venezuela is discouraged by the The US State Department and the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advice to reconsider travel to Venezuela due to the significant level of violent crime, the unstable political civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, and economic situations arbitrary arrest and the decline in basic living conditions, including shortages detention of medication, food staples and water, in the countryU.S. citizens. Some areas have increased risk. The UK Foreign Office advises against all Do not travel to within 80km (50 miles) certain neighborhoods of Caracas due to crime. The tourists areas are considered today relatively safe for tourists, however. Read the Colombian border in the states of Zulianewest Travel Advisory here (January 10, Tachira and Apure2018) [ Venezuela Travel Advisory]}}
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| flag=Flag of Venezuela.svg
| capital=[[Caracas]]
| government=Republic, de facto dictatorship
| currency=Bolivar Fuerte (VEF)
| area=912,050km²<br />''water: 30,000km²<br />land: 882,050km²''
*[[Caracas]] - Being the capital and the largest city in Venezuela, Caracas is was once known for being one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities in South America. There are still lots of places to visit, such as theaters, malls, museums, art galleries, parks, well-conserved colonial architectures and even gastronomic restaurants. Crime is an epidemic.
*[[Carupano]] - Carúpano is a welcoming town on the Caribean Coast famous for its carnaval and nearby paradisiac beaches.
*[[Coro]] - The first capital of Venezuela and a city of rich colonial architecture, a unique natural scenery and tourist attractiveness. Its historical downtown is considered as a cultural World Heritage Site.
*[[Ciudad Guayana]] - Dominated by heavy industry, it is Venezuela´s most organized city and the main gateway to the Orinoco Delta and the Gran Sabana. It is locally still known as either Puerto Ordaz or San Félix. In this city you will find a curious and strange phenomenon where two rivers, "El Orinoco" and "El Caroní" find each other but don't mix up because of the density of their water. You can go and be face to face with this natural wonder on a boat called "lanchas"and, if you are brave enough, take a dip.
*[[Maracaibo]] - Venezuela's second city, swelteringly hot and built on oil. Here you can watch a natural phenomenon Guinness Record included in 2015, "El relámpago del Catatumbo" or The Catatumbo Thunder, where during 297 nights a year you can watch electric storms for ten hours row making this phenomenon number one in the world.
*[[Maracay]] - Once the capital of Venezuela, now home Home to the main military garrison.
*[[Mérida (Venezuela)|Mérida]] - A charming university town in the Andes mountains, popular for outdoor activities.
*[[Puerto La Cruz (Venezuela)|Puerto La Cruz]] - The city to go to if you want to visit the beaches in Eastern Venezuela.
*[[San Cristóbal (Venezuela)|San Cristóbal ]] - A leafy industrious city in the Andes mountains, bordering Colombia.
*[[Valencia (Venezuela)|Valencia]] - An Twice the capital of Venezuela, now an affluent industrial city.
*[[Valle de la Pascua]] City nearest to center of the country, in [[Guárico]].
*[[Barquisimeto (Venezuela)|Barquisimeto]] - known as the twilights city because of the formation of the clouds when the sun goes down, is the house of one of the most famous virgins in Venezuela, The Shepherd Virgin o "La Virgen de la Pastora" with many devotees in the country because of the many miracles conceived. Also you can find, a few kilometers from Barquisimeto, a small waterfall named The Wine Waterfall or "La Cascada del Vino" because the colour of its water seems like red wine, in a small town called "San Pedro".
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