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*Take a '''camel trip''' out into the Sahara with one of the many tour operators based in the town center.
** An excellent tour sahara desert tours and trek guide treks operator is Juanita Reimer '''SaharanSky''' [http], a Canadian ex-pat who has lived in Douz for 10+ years. She They can set up 1 to 15-day camel treks, Quad, and 4x4 trips as well as driving tours of southern around Tunisia. ** One independent (but insured) desert guide is '''Abdallah ben Said''' [], who speaks basic English in addition to French and Arabic. +216 96 774 041, [mailto:[email protected]]*Other tours into the desert can be arranged, including by motorbike or 4-Wheel-Drive, usually by the same tour operatorsoperator.
* '''Visit the Chott al-Jerid'''. A vast dry salt lake with a thick crust of salt which sparkles in the sun. Look closely and you may see some mirages.
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