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Salkantay trek

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There are many tour operators in Cusco that offer [ the Salkantay Trek], generally in 5 days but it can be done in 4 days. There are also different routes that can be hiked, so make sure to compare the options. The cheapest companies will start from Mollepata so that they can save money on transportation. The best tour operators will start from Soraypampa which is the actual start of the hike, since from Mollepata to Soraypampa it is a dirt road for vehicles. You can also do this trek staying in first class lodges along the way, which can be booked through Mountain Lodges of Peru.
It is also possible to do this trek alone if you have experience. You will have to spend at least one night at 3,900 m above sea level or above and you will need camping equipment good enough for freezing temperatures. It will also be important to have a good map and plenty of water. You will need to carry food for at least two and a half days. It is also a good idea to bring water purification pills or a lifewater straw if you are hiking on your own. There are many streams, but you will need to purify or boil the water first.
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