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By train
*'''From [[Kunming]]''' — The fastest trains from Kunming are those which go via [[Nanning]] and the scenic Nankun railway, taking around 20 hours. Those going via Guiyang take at least 28 hours. If traveling to Kunming, trains depart Guilin at 5:46AM (from Zhengzhou via Guiyang), 8:52AM (via Nanning), 1:34PM (from Nanjing via Guiyang) and 7PM (from Shanghai via Nanning).
*'''From [[Xi'an]]''' — There is one train per day from Xi'an currently, the K318, which departs Xi'an at 19:07, and arrives at 21:18+1, 26 hours later. The fare for hard sleeper class is ¥343 per ticket (hard seat ¥201). The train's final stop is Nanning.
*'''From [[Nanning]]''' — There are around ten trains to choose from if coming from Nanning (5 to 6 hours; high speed train takes 2h39min). From Guilin (not Guilin Bei) to Nanning, trains depart at 12:13AM (train from Xian), 6:22AM (from Nanchang), 7:48AM, 8:09AM (train from Zhengzhou), 8:26AM, 8:52AM (train to Kunming), 2:36PM (train from Beijing), 4:13PM (from Wuxi), 4:05PM, 7PM (from Shanghai to Kunming). The fastest train is the 8:20AM, taking less than 3 hours. One way hard seat ticket cost ¥65. Train tickets from Guilin to Nanning sell out fast so should be booked at least two or three days in advance.

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