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Stay safe
Strangers offering assistance or services may be dishonest; see [[Common scams]]. Be wary of frauds at tourist attractions. While travelling in public transport don't accept food or drinks. It could have substances that cause unconsciousness.
Homosexuality is illegal in India under a colonial-era law (Section 377) dating back to 1860 that criminalize sodomy with penalties of imprisonment up to life, honor killings, abuse, vigilante executions, forced psychological treatments, torture, and/or a fine. Police officers and society in general have harassed, extorted and blackmailed homosexuals in India. Also, police may be complicit or look the other way when violence against LGBT occurs. Businesses are also not LGBT friendly and will deny public accomodatoonsaccomodations, housing, jobs, etc. LGBT are emphatically encourged to keep their sexuality a secret.

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