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Huashan National Park

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From Xi'an:
As of Oct 2017, the buses (¥39 [Oct 2017], 2 hours) from Xi'an station leave from a bus depot located on the opposite site of the train station every 30 minutes. The location is south of the train station and west from the McDonald's and NOT the east side of Xi'an station from where the Bus to the Terracotta Warriors goes from. You can also just ask any of the official looking people around the train station by indicating that you want to go to 华山 (Huashan).
The former version of this article recommended the tourist bus 1 leaves from the east side of Xi'an station (¥22 [May 2014], 2 hours). Neither me nor other tourists I have spoken to were able to find this bus.
Buses also leave from the '''Xi'an East Bus Station''' (Zhong Tong) for ¥35. More importantly, the last buses from Huashan to Xi'an in the evening arrive here rather than the train station. This is the last station on the Xi'an subway line 1 and can be used to get back to the central city (¥3 to Bell Tower). Apparently bus 42 will take you back to the train station (needs confirmation).
'''Park entrance fee: mandatory for all visitors'''
Busy season (1 March to 30 November): ¥180, or ¥90 with student card. (Note: it is worth trying any foreign ID card in lieu of a student card. In 2017 I got the you can get discount with a Singaporean Student Pass.)
Off season (1 December to 28 February): ¥100, or ¥50 with student card.

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