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*'''Elephant Steak House (大象牛排館)''', a large steak house opened by the owner of Fala Steak House. Elephant Steak House is much larger and the prices even lower, making it very popular (it gets crowded sometimes) with people in Nantou. There is a buffet area with all-you-can-eat noodles, salad, fruits, etc.
*'''Duofu Dohua (多福豆花)''', a sweets shop on Janguo Road which is just behind the County Gym Field. It's a franchised branch of a chain, but they make most of their products by themselves. Their Dohua(sweet soft beancurd)is made with much care and is very nice. They also provide many kinds of other desserts, kinds of shaved ice and drinks which are all cheap and worth the money you pay.
*<eat name="Feeling 18℃ Hand-Made Chocolate" alt="Feeling 18℃ Hand-Made Chocolate" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">When I first arrived at the chocolate shop located in a residential area in a township in Puli, I was amazed and in total shock. In front of me, there are an exclusive parking lot, clean outdoor resting area, and shops and restaurants belonging to a common mother company. I saw lines of people waiting to buy chocolate and lots of people who are savoring sweets. Free premium black coffee and cold brew tea are provided on site even if you are not a customer. Every fifteen to twenty minutes, staff will come to your table and offer complimentary chocolates of various flavors. There are also many local farmers selling seasonal vegetables grown by themselves since there are crowds of people here. Indeed, this place is like a popular tourist attraction with a continuous flow of people. This originally online hand-made chocolate shop has, in fact, become a legend in Puli.</eat>
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