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Folk Custom Center temporarily closed
* <see name="Guilin Museum" alt="桂林博物馆" address="4 Xishan Rd (西山路; Xīshānlù)" directions="in West Hill Park, bus 3 or 14" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="8:30AM-5:30PM" price="&yen;20">Exhibits more than 20,000 items comprising ancient, minority, local and revolutionary stuff.</see>
* <see name="Li River Folk Custom Center" alt="漓江民俗风情园; Lí​jiāng Mín​súfēng​qíngyuán" address="250 Linjiang Rd (临江路250号; Lín​jiānglù)" directions="bus 13, 14 and 58" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="8:30AM-9:30PM" price="Daytime &yen;45, evening &yen;60">Exhibits folk art, handicraft, architecture, food and culture of various local ethnic groups. The center also stages local music and dance shows. As of July 2017, closed for renovation.</see>
===Parks in the city===
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