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'''Uzice''' is a city in [[Serbia]].
Uzice has a very attractive setting, in a limestone gorge, with red-roofed houses spreading up the hillsides. It gained attention during World War II, when it was the first city liberated by the Partisan resistance forces from the Nazi occupation. For a few months, Josip Broz Tito (later the ruler of Yugoslavia) created an independent state called the Republic of Uzice. Though the Nazi's retook the area, Tito remembered Uzice and poured money into the city after the war. For a while, it was called Titovo Uzice. Today, the remnants from the Republic of Uzice are housed in the city museum, and there is still a lot of city pride toward the resistance movement. There is quite a lot of history in Uzice and tremendous natural beauty only a short day trip away. It is also very affordable.
The train and bus stations are adjacent, south of the river, just a few minutes walk to the centre. There is a useful map (ariel view) of the town at the train station, from which you can find your way to the Tourist Information Office (closes at 4pm).
==By air==

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