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'''The Old Church''' in Uzice sits in the town centre, in the area known as Carina. The church was mentioned for the first time in the third decade of the 18th century as a small church-wattle house. It was built in the style of wooden churches and placed in the Serbian section of the town in the past, as Stari Grad was the Turkish area.
'''The National Museum of Uzice''' is in two separate buildings, which were built just before the Second World War as a National Bank. The museum was founded in 1947 with the mission of collecting and studying the cultural and political history of the town. Well worth a visit and by staying at Eco Hostel Republik will give you a free access. The museum also holds the biggest statue of Tito ever made located in the back yard, which was set in place right before the war.
'''The Grammar School''', built in 1838, was the first indication of that Uzice craftsmen and merchants wanted to advance the education system in the town. It is made in the style of academic realism.
'''The beach''' on the Djetinja River is both a promenade and, in the summer time, a swimming area. Be careful, though, as the water is quite cold. You can also rent kayaks or paddle boats for very little cost.
'''The Hydroelectric Power Plant''' is located on the Djetinja River, at the bottom of the Užice Old Town. It was made in 1900 and is one of the symbols of the town of Užice. It was the first electrical plant in Serbia made according to Tesla’s principles of an alternating current. The main Square used to hold the statue of Tito until the war.
'''The Old Tunnels''' is located on the Djetinja River, in between the Tesla Hydroelectric Power Plant going up the stairs on the rights side of the river, if you have a bicycle there is a lift on the left side of the river. You will find the tunnels where the old train system used to connect Belgrade with Dubrovnik passing by Užice. Today you can walk the tunnels and on the way you will find a old Yugoslavian dam.
'''Main Square''' is located right downtown, it holds the library, the Užice Theater and right in front of it there is the Zlatibor Hotel (not working at the moment) which was built in in the shape of a rocket in a brutalist style in the 70˙s during the Yugoslavian times.
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