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Huashan National Park

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Edited recommendations regarding walking up and down the mountain as this can be very dangerous. Added part about bus being available from the train station to the entrance of the park.
*Bus from Xian ¥25-¥36 each way, about 2hours.
*Slow Train ¥20 + ¥20-¥30 taxi from Huashan railway station. There is a bus operating from outside the train station, taxi drivers will, however tell you otherwise.
*Entrance ticket ¥90 with student ID. Foreign ID’s are also accepted. ¥180 without discount.
*Walk up and walk down (The long main trail)This path is not officially open any longer, and it is not recommended to walk up or down as some parts are extremely steep and security poor.
*Bring at least 2L water per person and your own food
*Walk the "Plank Road in the Sky" (¥30 for harness hire)

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