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Ek Balam

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The Collectivos to Ek Balam pick up on Calle 37 between Calle 42 and 44. Collectivo cost is 50 pesos per person or 200 pesos for a taxi (Sept 2015). They don't run a van but just put several people into the same taxi. You might be able to bargain the price down if you're 2 or more.
When departing there is a shaded waiting area outside the entrance where you can decide if you want to wait for more passengers to go via collectivo or you can just pay the full taxi price and leave immediately. They tend might try to overcharge a little on the ride back , or offer to leave sooner for MXN150 (split between 2 people), but give them 10 minutes if it's calm, they are not able to wait around all day either.

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