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Ek Balam

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See the cenote nearby. There is a path by the main entrance that leads to it, and there are often people with rickshaws who will taxi you to it for a small fee. The path is 1,5km (about a mile) and is shaded by the trees. Cenotes are freshwater sinkholes dozens of feet deep, and were considered sacred to the Mayans. Ek Balam's cenote has stairs leading down to the water, a boardwalk around the edge of the water, a rope swing from the boardwalk and a kayak. It's great for swimming on a hot day or just watching the catfish that live in the water.
This Cenote is now being operated by a tour company. You pay 30MXN (50MXN February 2017) for the entraceentrance, 40MXN extra if you also want to use a bike and 250MXN for the 'full package' which includes bikes, the rope swing and rappel. The guys on rickshaws charge less then the tour company does and you can probably use the rope swing for free or just jump of the stairs into the water.

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