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The purple #1 [[Thailand#Songthaew|songthaew]] travels to and from the bus station, which is about 3 km out of town. They run the length of Charodwithitong Rd. The fare is 10 baht.
The large blue [[Thailand#Songthaew|songthaew]] to Old Sukhothai leaves from a bus stop Charodwithitong Rd about 100 m west of the bridge. It stops about 750 m from the entrance to the central zone of the historic park. Fare: 20 baht. Drivers often ask 30 baht from foreigners, but if you insist or start to walk away they should agree for 20.  If you are arriving into New Sukhothai bus station there are Tuk Tuks which can take you to your hotel. There is a list of each one in English with a fixed price depending on the distance - a ride to Old Sukhothai will cost between 250-300 Baht (as of Feb 2017).
There are also tuk-tuks, which will try to get 600 baht out of you for a trip to the Old City (main ruins)some 15 km out of town. The correct price is about 300 baht,and this is for at least a couple of hours. When you have seen the part you are at and want to move further in the same area, the driver takes you there. In Feb 2012, Reports are that 600 baht is a fair price for a day.

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