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From [[Phitsanulok]]: Frequent buses operate from the main bus terminal and take about 1 hour for the 58 km trip. Note: There is a taxi driver scammer who stands next to the bus ticket window clearly marked Sukhothai and tells you that you are at the wrong bus station and that buses to Sukhothai leave from Bus Station No 2 which he can take you to for a fee. Just ignore him and buy bus ticket from the window.
From [[Bangkok]]: There are direct buses from Bangkok Mo Chit Terminal and takes which take 6-7 hours, including some stops at bus stations of cities on the way. Understand that at the terminal (Mo Chit), there are several bus companies that offer travel to a given destination. In this instance, Wintour Travel, as of September 2013, charges 356 baht for a first-class air-con bus. The bus leaving Bangkok at 7:00am goes to the Sukhothai Old City and Historical Park. There is a bus returning to Bangkok starting at 8:20am from the Sukhothai Historical Park.
From [[Chiang Mai]]: Buses from Arcade bus terminal take about 4 hours. The cheaper local buses make several stops, including Lampang, and take about 5 hours. In this instance, Wintour, charges 231 baht for a second-class air-con bus. It takes 5.5 hours and arrives at a bus station 1.5 km away from (new) town center. It's also possible to stop in the old town. On the way back to Chiang Mai, if catching buses from old Sukhothai there might be some auto claimed "bus ticket-sellers" waiting at a bus stop sign near the entrance of Sukhothai historical Park (next to a bike shop). They will try to charge you 300 baht instead of 227 baht. They will state that you cannot buy a ticket directly on the bus or that you will have to stand if you don't buy their ticket. This is a scam, they obviously cannot book a seat for you. They just buy tickets beforehand and cheat tourists by selling them normal tickets at a higher price. They can also become really aggressive if you try to unveil their scheme. Just ignore them and wait for the bus to come, you can directly buy tickets on board. There's also seem like to be another bus stop in front of the 7/11 shop.

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