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===By bus===
[[image:Bastei02.jpg|thumb|200px|The ''Bastei-Kraxler''. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
There are public buses that take you up to the Bastei from the surrounding towns. Another possibility is the ''Bastei-Kraxler'', an old refurbised refurbished bus that takes you up from [[Wehlen]] during the summer month (first departure at the marketplace in Wehlen at 9:30am, from then every hour). The ride takes about 20 minutes and returnes returns to Wehlen every full at the top of the hour (from 10am 10:00 to 17am)17:00.
===By shuttle===
There is a transfer service on the street of Kurort Rathen. It operates a minivan to transfer travellers between Kurort Rathen and Bastei. After getting off the train, cross the river by boat. Follow the street and then you'll find the sign. No specific schedule. It departs when you need it. 12EUR/person. Not sure if it operates during the winter.

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