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Togian Islands

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'''Una Una''' real volcano island, huge coral reef ( no dynamite) reef is healthy. Ocean is full for fishes, turtles, rays, sharks.. like Bunaken 20 years ago. There is one place to stay Una Una sanctum, nice clean and cheap rooms on sea front. They have long jetty just front of coral reef. Best dives in the togian island is here. divers haven.
Kadadiri is home to an indigenous population known as the Bajo colloquially called "Sea Gypsys". The Bajo are semi nomadic and rely on fishing for their income. Tours from Kadidiri Paradise will take you to visit them. Selling fresh lobsters to tourists at a fraction of what you would pay in the US, Australia or Europe is an important part of their income, so if you visit them make sure you bring cash to buy some fresh lobsters. The young people love foreign visitors and will show off their humble village and school rooms.
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