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Northern Andaman Coast

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Ranong Province has much to offer those who investigate. Thailand’s least populated province and its most heavily forested, this mountainous province is lush and green—thanks to being the second rainiest place in Thailand—and is blessed with natural wonders on land and sea alike.
The Andaman Sea is famous for its diving opportunities. Many companies based in [[Ranong]] [[Phuket]] and [[Khao Lak]] offer day trips as well as liveaboard trips to the Similan and Surin Islands offshore. A few companies based in Ranong also offer 3 to 8 days trips to Myanmar/Burma.
Ranong's jungle is home to many species of animals and birds, made accessible to visitors by virtue of a excellent trail system.
The mangrove forests on the coast are alive with wildlife and ideal for a kayak trip.
The city of Ranong has the busy and slightly seedy atmosphere of any border town and benefits , or suffers, from its Chinese heritage coupled with contemporary Burmese accents. The result is colorful markets, golden-cheeked women in sarongs, food stalls selling unfamiliar delicacies, as well as labor abuses and other human exploitation.
There are many first-class hotels and restaurants, catering mainly to those who come to benefit from the medicinal properties of Ranong's hot springs. Visas can easily be renewed , sometimes within a day, by simply crossing the border by boat from Ranong.
Ranong Province includes 62 islands with white sand beaches, unspoiled forests, and refreshing waterfalls, many of which are incorporated in national parks or wildlife sanctuaries.
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