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Fundamentals of flying

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Security check
* Remove items that create bulges from trouser/pant pockets...just an unnecessary way to generate inspector questions.
* You may be required to show that any electronic device functions. Make sure their batteries are charged and inserted for a brief demonstration.
* You may be subject to a more rigorous security check. Depending on the country and airport, this can be random or based on some suspicion. It can involve luggage search, swabs for explosive chemical traces and/or personal body searches. Officers may offer an information sheet explaining your rights, but the chance of your reaching your plane without submitting to the check is low. Note: the airport securities in the US and other Western countries have and will continue to suspect people who are Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and other minority races as being more suspicious and and may unfairly judge you as more of a risk for illegal activity due to Islamophobia, Xenophobia, and past concerns with terroristic attacks. There is not much you can do to curb this bias. Acting suspicious, preventing the airport staff from checking your bags, and making unsettling jokes will only further perpetuate the stereotype so cooperate with all their instructions and just maybe you will help to change their perception of people of certain races.
After body screening, you ''may'' be told to go with a screener to hand inspect your belongings...usually because electronic screening cannot identify an object. Otherwise, go to the end of the "line" electronically screening your luggage, etc., claim your possessions and exit "security" into the "airside" terminal.
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