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Istanbul/Sultanahmet-Old City

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[[Image:Zeyrek.jpg|thumb|Zeyrek Mosque with the three former churches making it up still distinguishable]]
* <see name="Chora Church" alt="Kariye Müzesi" address="Edirnekapı" directions="near the city walls; bus: #87 from Taksim, or 31E from Eminonu" phone="+90 212 631-92-41" url="" hours="Th-Tu 09:00-16:30" price="15 30 TL(as of Oct 2016)" lat="" long="" email="" fax="+90 212 621-34-35">Also known as the Church of St Saviour in Chora (''chora'' translates "countryside" in Byzantine Greek, which refers to what the site of the church exactly was when it was built), this is 1000 year old Byzantine church, an example of a church somewhat out of the traditional center, but is an absolute must see with precious mosaics and a captivating mood inside. The early church frescoes had been covered with plaster for nearly 500 years, as the building had been converted into a mosque, but were uncovered in the mid-twentieth century and have been partially restored. Mindblowing frescoes and mosaics now cover the entire inside of this church. An impressive section of Theodosian walls is right next to the church.</see>
* <see name="Patriarchate of Constantinople" alt="Fener Rum Patrikhanesi" address="Sadrazam Ali Paşa Caddesi, Fener" directions="between S. Ali Paşa Cd. and İncebel Sokağı; northwest of old city, close to Golden Horn shore" phone="+90 212 531-96-70" email="[email protected]" fax="+90 212 534-90-37" url="" hours="08:30-16:00" price="">Arguably the centre of World Orthodoxy, housed since 1586 in Church of St George (Greek: ''Agíou Geōrgíou'', Turkish: ''Aya Yorgi''), which is, despite its religious importance, an otherwise unremarkable and unimpressive building from outside, though its lavishly decorated interior is worth a look. While you are around, don't forget to check out the Phanar Greek College (''Fener Rum Lisesi'') just next to the St George, which has an imposing tower made of red brick which seems to appear straight out of medieval times.</see>

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