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The delta of the river Rhône is one of the largest in Europe. Just south of [[Arles]], the river splits into the Grand Rhône and Petit Rhône. In between, we find the so-called '''Grand Camargue'''. The area to the west of the Petit Rhône is known as ''"'Petit Camargue'''. The Grand Camargue is a protected nature reserve.
The area consists of extensive wetlands, that progressively become more brackish the closer to the Mediterranean Sea you go. In the north of the region, most of the area is grassland, where cattle and horses are raised, with some vineyards on the higher elevations. The lower and wetter areas are used for rice cultivation. In the south, there are many lagoons ('''étangs''') with an abundance of bird wildlife. The lagoons are traditionally also used for the production of salt.

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