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* '''Planwirtschaft''' [] Louisenstrasse 20, 351-801-3187, This quaint bar and restaurant is in a refurbished wine cellar. The drinks menu is extensive and served by an energetic staff.
* '''Rosis Amüsierlokal''' [], Eschenstrasse 11, 01097 Dresden, Tel.: +49/351-5005305, Ask everybody in the Neustadt, they all know Rosis. It's a big but cozy bar/club/concert-hall with an included restaurant [] and a pool hall [http://grü] in kind of a trashy red-light district ambience with lot's of love for details. Extremly busy on weekends and mondays (studentsday with cheaper prices) and always a guarantee for a wild party. Don't miss to destroy yourself with a Rosis Rocket! Open everyday from 8pm to 5am. Free entrance.
* '''Studiobar''' Görlitzer Str. 1, The best cocktails in town are available here. Located on the 2nd floor, it is a little bit hard to find. From the entrance, go into the main floor bar and straight to the back. There is a stair case that leads up to the second floor. Smoking is allowed here.
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