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Great Wall of China

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Badaling and Juyongguan: Beijing-Badaling schedule
Ignore any scammers that may approach you as you walk to the bus. Be wary of men in blue jackets posing as transit workers. They will walk all the way up to the bus door (and in front of real transit workers) to direct you to an overpriced shuttle or tax so you must buy a ticket on the bus. ¥12.
* '''Suburban railway''' : Alternatively, take the Line S2 of the Beijing Suburban Railway from Beijing North Station for ¥6 one way. The train station is adjacent to the Xizhimen subway station of Line 2 and 13; use subway exits A1 or A2 to reach the entrance of the train station. The train is comfortable and takes about 1 hour, 20 minutes to arrive but departures are infrequent, leaving at 6:12 (S201), 7:58 (S203), 9:02 (S207), 10:57 (S209), 13:14 (S213), 15:24 (S213), 17:41 (S221). [ Wall of China Line S2 Train Beijing-Badaling schedule] You should arrive at the train station and board 30 minutes before departure to ensure a seat. You can pay on entrance to the train station by swiping your Beijing Transportation Card, which should be purchased in the subway station before you leave for the train station.
The train has very large viewing windows, allowing you breathtaking views of the scenery and the Great Wall even before you arrive at Badaling. Upon arrival at Badaling station (most passengers alight at this stop) make a left turn and walk 800 m to the Great Wall entrance.

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