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Great Wall of China

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* '''Direct bus from Wangjing West Station''' (望京西站) located at 39°59'38.5"N 116°26'39.9"E, 湖光中街, Middle HuGuang Street, near Wangjing West Subway Station, up to date as August 2016 : Maybe the cheapest and easiest way to go to Jinshanling. Get to Wangjing West Station, accessible from subway lines 13 (exit B or D) and 15 (exit C). Go out of Exit C and then turn right, cross the street and turn right again. There is a big red sign that says something in English about Jianshanling Tourist Bus or something like that. From exit D, head out straight, cross the road, and take a left. The big red sign will be to the right, and probably above your head. The bus station is about 100m east-south-east from the crossroads. The direct bus starts at this bus station every day at 8:00 am and returns from Jinshanling Scenic spot at 3:00 pm. Costs ¥32 if you don't have the Beijing transportation card (which cost a ¥20 deposit that can be refunded by giving back your card at any Service center of any Subway station), ¥22.5 if you have one (13 in cash and 9.5 swiped from the subway card). The journey takes about 2,5 hours. Calculate about 40-60 min to get from Beijing centre Wang Jing West station. Total cost: ¥68 incl your subway fare excl. entrance fee from around ¥65. This can’t beat a organized tour and you will have plenty of time to explore the area. Note: when there are less then 20 passengers you have to take the long distance bus (see bellow) from the same bus station to Luan Ping (the other waiting line).
* '''Bus from Wangjing West Station to Jinshanling Resting Area''', bus destination is Luanping (滦平) : starts at the same bus station as the one above. Departure from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm every 40 minutes. Return from Luanping from 6:30am to 4:00pm with an interval of 40 minutes. This bus does only one stop before destination (Luanping), and it is at Jinshanling Resting Area (Service Center) next to the highway, so there is virtually no way you could eventually miss the stop if you pay attention. Once you arrive there, DO NOT look for a taxi, and DO NOT accept any ride offer beside the free shuttle. If people ask you for money to get you there, then refuse; it might cost you between ¥20-100! It is actually really easy to get to Jinshanling from the Resting Area. There is a free shuttle bus : it starts at 10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:30 from the Service Center to the Scenic Area and 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:00 the other way. If you have to hurry, you can try to walk there (6km). Once you arrive at the resting area, follow the expressway from where you came by still staying inside the area, you will soon (50m further) notice the signage indicating you the road to reach the place. Walk down the road for 2-3kms after the toll gate, just underneath the expressway and you will arrive at the East Gate. Add 4-5 km to reach the West Gate. As July 2014, the entrance ticket will cost you ¥65; so if we had to sum up all this you will spend : 22.5*2 + 65 (without cable-car) = ¥110, way under what any tour will propose to you. Make the right choice ! One last thing: to go back to Beijing, make yourself visible for the bus; It will make a very quick U-Turn right in from of the tiny visitor's center at the resting area. The bus will stop literally for few seconds and you will have to wait one more hour to get the next one.
* ''' 'One day Travel Package' ''' : For people who wish to visit Jinshanling only for a day trip, it is worth mentioning that there is a 'One day Travel Package' available. It costs ¥120 in total for the round-trip bus ticket, admission fee, cable way, and the tourist car at the scenic spot. Tickets can be purchased at Dongzhimen bus terminus/东直门长途汽车站. Be wary of bus scams. There will be "harmless looking" middle-age woman/man who will approach you at the bus terminus pretending to be helpful and say that the direct bus service is cancelled due to bad weather and then advise you to take a public bus to Miyun bus terminus which you'll then be force to take a private transport to Jinshanling. Note: as of September there are no package like this available there.

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