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Murcia (region)

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'''Murcia''' is a region in [[Spain]]associated with the autonomous community of Murcia as well as the province of Murcia.Murcia is the Spanish Mediterranean region that has grown the more and the fastest during the past few years, due to the construction boom of accommodations, services and other mass tourist equipments.Recently it is promoting and boosting its potential as a cultural destination thanks to historical cities like Murcia (the capital city), Cartagena or Lorca, notable monumental municipalities as well as cities of services, with a colorful local folklore and festivities.  
* [[Murcia (city)|Murcia]]
* [[Caravaca de la Cruz]]
* [[Cartagena (Spain)|Cartagena]]
* [[Cehegin]]
* [[La Manga]]
* [[Lorca]]
==Other destinations==
* '''Mar Menor''' is a salty lagoon separated to the Mediterranean sea by a 22 kilometers (13,67 miles) long and 100 to 1200 meters width sand stripe, in Southeastern Spain, within the Region of Murcia. It has a surface area of nearly 170km², a coastal length of 70 kilometers (43,5 miles) and warm and clear water which does not exceed 7 meters in depth. It belongs to four municipalities: Cartagena, San Javier, Los Alcázares and San Pedro del Pinatar. Its relatively high salinity, which aids floatation, and remarkable sporting infrastructures make this one of the most popular places in Europe for the practice and training of all kinds of water sports.
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