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South Sudan

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South Sudan advisory to leave
{{warningbox|Although The security situation in South Sudan deteriorated significantly in July 2016, and fighting has broken out. All travel to South Sudan is strongly discouraged, and you are advised to consider leaving if you are currently the Ucountry if it is safe to do so.S |australia=http://smartraveller. Department |us= State has lifted its "Depart Now" status for the region, there is still instability and the security situation remains poor-south-sudan-travel-warning.html |uk= |canada= |nz= |southafrica= |india= |ireland=https://www.dfa. Practice extreme caution when planning ie/travel/travel-advice/a trip to the region.-z-list-of-countries/south-sudan/}}
'''South Sudan''' is a country in [[Africa]]. Formerly a breakaway region of [[Sudan]], it became an independent country on 9 July 2011 after a referendum was held in January that year. It borders [[Sudan]], [[Ethiopia]], [[Uganda]], [[Kenya]], [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]], and the [[Central African Republic]].
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