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Rio de Janeiro

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=====Premium buses=====
The Premium buses are four bus lines operated by ''Real'' [,undefined,REAL84866120120119115236-71.html],that depart from right outside the arrival section of ''Galeão''. The buses are air-conditioned and comfy, with ample luggage space. They run roughly every 30 minutes from 05:30 to 22:00.
* '''2018 Aeroporto Internacional do RJ/Alvorada (Via Orla da Zona Sul)''' runs from Galeão via the main bus terminal ''Rodoviario Novo Rio'', the ''Carioca metro station'' and ''Santos Dumont Airport'' further along the beachfront of ''Botafogo'', ''Copacabana'', ''Ipanema'' and ''Leblon'', and has its terminus at the ''Alvorada'' terminal near ''Barra Shopping'' in ''Barra da Tijuca''. The full run takes at least 60 minutes, often double that. Tickets are R$ 1416.50 00 (Dec 2015June 2016).
* '''2918 Aeroporto Internacional do RJ/Alvorada (Via Linha Amarela)''' runs from ''Galeão'' airport along the ''Linha Amarela'' to the ''Alvorada'' bus terminal, via ''Jacarapaguá'' (the best spot for taxis) in as little as 35 minutes, traffic allowing. R$ 13.50 (May 2014).
* '''2145 Aeroporto Internacional do RJ/Aeroporto Santos Dumont (Via Seletiva da Av. Brasil/Av. Pres. Vargas)''' runs from Galeão via the main bus terminal Rodoviario Novo Rio to Santos Dumont Airport. Tickets are R$ 12 (May 2014).
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