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Nong Khiaw

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Add info about a stopped boat service
Buses from Udomxay to Nong Khiaw are scheduled 1 time daily if passengers enough (3-4 hours) but may not run on time, or at all, during the low season (depending on passenger numbers). It is possible to negotiate a fare on either the Vang Vieng or Luang Prabang bound bus and disembark at Pak Mong (where the highway turns south). From here a tuk-tuk will take you the last hour or so to Nong Khiaw for around 30,000 kip per person.
There was a boat service operating between Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw but it is no longer operating due the construction of a dam. So don't get confused by other blogs saying there is a boat.
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