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Rio de Janeiro

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Hiking and Trekking
The trek is fairly demanding and steep, and takes about 1h30/2h to complete, but yet very popular among locals - it's normal to see groups of friends doing it and of course foreigners. Ask the park's staff or look for signs that say "Trilha" to get to the start of the trail, just behind the ruins of an old house. From there you have two paths: going straight ahead leads to a waterfall that is usually full of families on the weekends (it's a good spot to stop on your way back if you go back the same way), and left leads straight to the main path of the trek. Along the way there are 3 waterfalls (just one you can actually bath in, though) and a small path where you have to hang on to a chain to pass through some rocks. Until this point you will be going up, but always surrounded by forest. The first views of the city will start after the chain (about 1h/1h30 in). Then you get to the train tracks and the road, which you can follow up to the statue of Christ (another 15/30 minutes). Views from here on are breathtaking. The entrance fee for pedestrians is 12 Real. You can either go back the same way or take the 'trem' (22 R for the ride down). Perhaps there are other options.
* '''Sugar Loaf/Pão de Açúcar'''This is a short and fairly easy hike, taking about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, also very popular among locals, specially especially because you can go up for free then hitch a ride back on the cable car (after 6pm, it's free to return on it- *not anymore May 2016). The hike begins at Pista Cláudio Coutinho in Urca. If you ask the guards they'll point you to the start. It's uphill, but just the first twenty minutes are rather steep, though the trail is very good (like a staircase). Once you reach a saddle just keep to your left. There are amazing views of Urca and the Guanabara Bay during the final 20 minutes, some of which are angles you don't get from the vantage points above. The trek actually ends on top of Morro da Urca, the smallest of the two. You have , to continue to Pão de Açúcar you need climbing gear, or to buy a ticket pay for the cable car if you want to go up the other hill. Most people walk back the same way they came. * '''Pedra da Gávea''' is a more challenging hike. To get to the trailhead take a bus from Copacabana/Ipanema to ''Praça Euvaldo Lodi'' in ''Barra Tijuca''. The area is pretty safe, the hike actually begins in a gated community. There is a ranger station a short while later where you register before starting on the trail proper. Note that there is a short Class 4 climbing section, which is possible without ropes, but not for everybody. Only attempt this hike without a guide if you are in good physical condition and have a head for heights. Remember that you may find climbing down the Class 4 section more difficult than climbing up. You can take a guide, who will provide a rope and get you up and down safely. Best view of Rio, and without the crowds found at other viewpoints. Be aware you hike through jungle for about 2hours each way and that it gets dark VERY quickly, even before sunset, so start your descent in plenty of time.
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