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Puerto Iguazú

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By bus
* Access Puerto Iguazu from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and other parts of Argentina by '''bus passes''' offered by the '''Green Toad Bus'''. They also offer '''bus tickets online''' from Buenos Aires, Salta, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, and Rio de Janeiro to Puerto Iguazu. [[]]. Long distance and local buses arrive to the Terminal de Autobuses on Av. Cordoba.
* From '''[[Foz do Iguaçu]]''': take a bus to the border (4 reals), get out and get your exit stamp and get , the bus driver will not wait, you have to wait one hour for the next bus to the Argentinian side where you'll get an entry stamp for Argentina- everyone gets off the bus here, goes up to immigration and then gets back on. Buses to and from Argentina will stop at the Argentinian border for immigration control, however they '''will not''' stop for the return back through the Brazilian border as most of the passengers are Brazilians. Check with your driver if he or she doesn't mind waiting 5 minutes, ''especially'' if you're getting a bus close to the end of the day. Many drivers will refuse to wait, but will offer you a ticket to get on the next bus free. Be aware that this is only valid for the same company and the next bus can take 15-30 minutes 1hr to arrive.
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