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Puerto Iguazú

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By bus
* Direct buses to '''[[Buenos Aires]]''', Retiro (many companies)(18 hours), '''[[Salta]]''' (Andesmar/Flecha Bus), '''[[Mendoza]]''', '''[[Cordoba (city, Argentina)|Cordoba]]''' (Mercobus, Cruzero del Norte), [[Posadas]], [[Rio de Janeiro]], [[São Paulo]], [[Curitiba]] and other places.
* A one way bus ticket from [[Buenos Aires]] to Puerto Iguazu costs about 800 pesos (January 2015 update: prices start from 1005 pesos). (April 2013, though by browsing around retiro you can find discounts and we went for 530 pesos each). For as low as 1300 pesos you can get a 7 day tour including return bus ticket, four nights in a hotel, excursions, some meals. For the cheapest bus from Buenos Aires, the Brazilian bus company Pluma has bus tickets half the price of Argentinian bus companies to the Brazilian side of the falls. You don't have to cross the border since they let everyone off at the Argentine border.
* Access Puerto Iguazu from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and other parts of Argentina by '''bus passes''' offered by the '''Green Toad Bus'''. They also offer '''bus tickets online''' from Buenos Aires, Salta, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, and Rio de Janeiro to Puerto Iguazu. [[]]. Long distance and local buses arrive to the Terminal de Autobuses on Av. Cordoba.

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