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Ilha Grande

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Get out
==Get out==
* Frequent speedboats run between Abraão and [[Angra dos Reis]] and Concecao da Jacareí. They depart nearly half-hourly until 5:30pm (Angra) or 6:30pm (Jacareí). Fare to Angra is R$40, Jacareí is shorter and therefore cheaper (R$30). Since Jacareí is further north, you should go here if going to [[Rio de Janeiro]], use Angra if headed south, e.g. to [[Paraty]] or [[Sao Paolo||São Paolo]].
* The '''cheap ferry''' run by CCR Barcas (slow boat/barco lenta) leaves to Angra dos Reis every day at 10am, taking about 90minutes to make the crossing. It goes to [[Mangaratiba]] at 5:30pm. Both destinations cost just R$15 (May 2016 times and prices). From Angra ''Colitur'' has buses from right in front of Santa Luzia pier (with a later stop at Angra's bus terminal) to Paraty, departing roughly every half hour. R$12.50, 2hours. From Mangaratiba, from the bus station in front of the dock, Costa Verde have buses to Rio de Janeiro for R$32.50 (2-2.5hours).
* If you are going to Rio the best (cheapest) way to leave the island is to take the 5:30pm Barca to Mangaratiba and then catch the 7:40pm Costa Verde bus to Rio. You can buy the bus ticket at the Costa Verde booth at Ilha Grande or at the bus stop a few meters from the dock at Mangaratiba. It will be cheaper and faster than the so called Speed Connection. At the Novo Rio station just avoid the taxi booths, go to the second floor and go to the other side or the Rodoviaria, there will be taxis waiting at the other exit (where they left you when you need to catch a bus) and they will charge you with the taximeter and not an overpriced flat rate as the taxis from the booth, or alternatively, you can take the blue bus #2017 for R$10 to Copacabana and Ipanema (or #2018 for R$14).
* A couple of agencies, for instance 'Fast Connnection Connection ''Island Travel''' with an office right by the piers, offer "express connection" to Rio. You go by speedboat to the mainland and a van transports you to your hotel in Rio or directly to the airport. At R$105++ this can be a good option if you are short on time. However, the claims of getting to Rio in less than 2 hours should NOT be counted on. For instance, in case of bad weather the speed boat will not depart and you will be put on the regular ferry - the trip to Rio may then take ''six'' hours or even more. Don't risk missing your flight home. Also consider that the van will leave each passenger at their hotel so if you're last the trip might take longer that taking the ferry.
==Stay safe==

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