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Ilha Grande

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Getting there
==Getting there==
The main settlement on the island is called Vila do Abraão and most transport goes to there. There are three main ports on the mainland from where boats regularly leave for Abraão: Mangaratiba (closest to Rio), Concecao de Jacarai (the one closest to the island and with most connections) and Angra dos Reis (closest to Sao Paulo). There are slow boats with capacity of 500-1000 passengers that cost R$15 reais (prices in this paragraph as per Feb 2016) and they usually leave once a day from Mangaratiba and Angra. There are also more frequent fast boats for 15-30 people that cost around R$30 reais (to Jacarei) and there are taxi boats that cost more. [ This website] has some timetables (all in Portuguese but easy to understand with google translate).
To get from Rio to Mangaratiba/Jacarei/Angra you can take the expensive Costa Verde [3] buses from the Rodoviaria in Rio. It costs R$37.50 to Mangaratiba and R$54 reais to Jacarei/Angra. You can also get there by changing three or four public buses for less than R$20 reais but you need to figure out the connections (basically from Itaguai there is a public bus for R$3.60 reais that goes to Jacarai). Daily buses from [[São Paulo]] to Angra dos Reis are operated by Reunidas Paulista [4].
There are also some tour companies that sell a door-to-island package for a van and boat. These cost R$95+ reais + one way and they pick up from locations in the touristic parts of Rio.
To get to Ilha Grande you have to take a boat. Ferries operated by Barcas SA There are three main points of departure, they are in order from north to south: [[1Mangaratiba]] Mangaratiba (105 minutes, starting 8:00 Conceição de Jacareí' and [[Angra dos Reis. There are also speedboats from [[Paraty]] a couple times a.m.week, return 5:30 prices although they are much more expensive than those charged . Ferries operated by Barcas SA, which is the government[1] leave daily from [[Mangaratiba]] and Conceição de Jacareí'. The Barcas SA are of the a government of Rio de Janeiro is much safer -run company, so have decent safety standards and their staff are top professionalsyou won't get ripped off. Terminal Santa Luzia is discouraged. Their , their prices are much higher than Those those of Barcas SA . Another problem is the operating company of this pier, it offers a fast boat, but at the time of shipment you can embark on a slow boat extremamante. Their employees are rude and unprepared to deal with tourism.
Best Perhaps the best way to get to the island from Rio is to take the 05:00 Costa Verde bus to [[Mangaratiba]] (R$3037.5 50 as Sep-14of May 2016), it will leave you at the dock a little past 07:00 so you'll have time to have breakfast and take the 08:00 Barca to Ilha Grande (R$1415). You can buy the tickets for the Barca boat right there in a booth, it won't be full because it has a 1000 passengers 1,000 passenger capacity. It is also possible to overnight in Mangaratiba, although options are limited - there are no hostels, only a couple of pousadas and a hotel.
If you come from From the city of Rio de Janeiro to bus terminal in [[Angra dos Reis]] and landed at the Bus Terminal, you can take a taxi or walk to the port of Angra dos Reis, is very close and relatively safe. Boats leave from here on a semi-regular schedule. Bus fare to Angra from Rio with Costa Verde (as of May 2016) is R$54. Daily buses from São Paulo to Angra dos Reis are operated by Reunidas Paulista [4].
Another option to get on the Ilha Grande is to go to '''Conceição de Jacareí which ''' is a district of Mangaratiba or in - this is the center of Magaratiba (address: Rua XI Novembro without Noshortest crossing point. Mangaratiba) preferably at using Barcas SAalso operates this route once a day, which also operate these terminals weekday departure is at 15:30, at weekends and on holidays it leaves at 13:30. Avoid illegal vessels in Conceição de Jacareí There are extremamante dangerous and uncomfortable. The Barcas Sa also operates many other smaller boats which make the route between the Conceição de Jacareí to Vila do Abraão in Ilha Grande. (Being more comfortable and organized in Angra dos Reis to the Vila do Abraão)trip at various times or when they have sufficient passengers.
Important to note is that there are no banks on the island, the money should be brought since not all hotels, shops and restaurants accept credit cards. From Rio de Janeiro, you can now book online for door to island transfers with the Green Toad Bus [] website. Pick-up from your hostel then a 3 hours drive to the docks where the transfer to a boat to travel 30 minutes to the island. You stop at an ATM to cash-up before hitting the island which has no ATM machine. They also have bus trips starting from Sao Paulo and Paraty. Daily buses operated by the Costa Verde [3] out of Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba. Daily buses from São Paulo  It is important to Angra dos Reis note is that there are operated by Reunidas Paulista [4]. Who comes from Rio de Janeiro Cityno banks on the island, unfortunatelyyou should bring plenty of cash since not all hotels, have to use the bus company Costa Verde, with officials unprepared to deal with tourismshops and restaurants accept credit cards.
==Get around==

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