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'''Cali''' [] is a city in southwestern [[Colombia]], capital of the [[Valle del Cauca]] department. It has about 2 million inhabitants and is a significant industrial and commercial center of activity in Colombia. Being at around 1,000 meters above sea level it tends to have a warm midday and afternoon with nice Pacific Ocean breezes while nights are cool. ItCali is today's best known for its world capital of salsa , claiming that competitive distinction even over Colombia's other vibrant big city party scenes, which keep the musicgoing long into the late hours of the morning.
==Get in==
===By bus===
From the ''Terminal de transportes'' you have choices of can choose between many different regional, national and domestic destinations. Expreso Bolivariano leaves Terminal de Transportes, Bogotá, regularly throughout the day and night with journeys taking between 10 and 12 hours to reach Cali. Tickets are priced between $55.000 and $70.000 pesos depending on luxury, availability and time of departure (as of August 2015). The trip from the airport to the terminal lasts around 20-30 minutes and you can do it either by taxi (45,000 COP) or mini-van (6,500 COP - May 2017). Walking out the terminal via the tunnel towards the west and along Avenida 3N connects you to the closest MIO Bus Stop (Avenida de Las Américas - GPS: 3.463587,-76.525299) with a Ticket Office, from here you can connect to just about anywhere in the city. The maps in the MIO station list which bus numbers stop at which stations, so simply work your trip backwards connecting bus numbers.
The trip from the airport to the terminal lasts around 20 minutes and you can do it either by taxi (45,000 COP) or mini-van (4,000 COP).
Recommendation: Travel only by certified transport companies, like Expreso Palmira, Bolivariano or Expreso Brasilia. These companies bring you safety and comfort for you and your luggage. You may bargain with other companies, but the trip may be very uncomfortable.
=== By plane ===
Cali's International Airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón [] is located 16km 20 km northeast of the city and can be reached by bus or taxi. Many It is finishing a major expansion but sadly has fewer destinations and flights than it used to. A number of domestic and some international destinations can be reached. There are non-stop domestic flights to and from [[Medellín]], [[Bogotá]], [[Barranquilla]], [[Ibagué]]San Andrés, [[Pasto]] , Tumaco and [[Cartagena]]. There are a few regional flights as well.
Foreign cities that can be reached by non-stop flights are [[Lima]], [[Miami]], [[Madrid]], [[Amsterdam]], [[Panama City]], [[San Salvador]], [[Quito]], [[Guayaquil]] and [[Esmeraldas]] in Ecuador.The airlines with international flights are: Avianca, American Airlines, Copa, KLMLatam, LAN Wingo and TAME.
Avianca has VIP lounges in both terminals, domestic and international. The international VIP lounge can be accessed paying cash, located after migration and security, up one level.
The During 2017 a few of airlines stopped flying into Cali: KLM used to serve [[Amsterdam]], Iberia [[Madrid]] and the low-cost airline VivaColombia [] also serves the city with flights flew to [[Medellín]], Bogotá and Cartagena. As of April 2018 Avianca no longer offers the non-stop flights to [[San Salvador]], Santa Marta and Bucaramanga.
Iberia will start flights The Avianca flight to Madrid is no longer flown on its own comfortable Dreamliner, now uses a charter plane from Madrid starting July 2015Evelop Airlines.
==Get around==
Taxis are a fast and affordable way to get around the city. Only use official cars and its strongly recommended to call for one if possible (you may call the local numbers 444 44 44 (this service also has android app : search "taxis libres cali" in Androoid Market), 555 55 55, or 660 60 60 and ask for one, your name and destination will be registered in the head office). Make sure the driver starts the meter running. The meters count units, not in the local currency. The minimum fare during daytime is 4,200 COP, after 20:00, on sundays and holidays it's 5,300 COP. Every unit is 84 COP and is marked every 80 meters or 50 seconds of waiting. Do not leave your luggage inside the taxi while you are not around as sometimes drivers drive off as soon as you are out the taxi with your luggage still in the trunk. '''In any case, many of the taxi drivers are nice and gentle people and have some good stories to tell''', which makes for a far more rewarding experience if you speak or understand Spanish at a reasonable level. Be sure to pay what they ask because they will call the cops and not let you out until receiving the full fare.
[ Taxis in Cali],[ Private Car Service]. Other Taxi apps such as Uber are currently operating in the city. 
===By bus===
* '''MIO - Masivo Integrado de Occidente''': Inaugurated in March 2009, this transport system consists of large blue buses running in exclusive lanes with enclosed stations and offers the best option for local transit. All buses are air-conditioned, clean and safe. A one way trip costs 1,800 900 COP . It is a card based system, but you need to buy cards can be used once and dropped into the MIO card beforehandgate. You Otherwise you can get them a reusable card at the bus stations and other locations. The best way would be to pay someone 1,800 900 COP so he swipes his card to let you in, then stop at a station and buy the MIO card. Each card costs 3,000 COP. It seems you can swipe the same card several times, so you only need one card for your group. Stick to regular urbano buses where you ask the driver if he's going to your destination. The system continues construction of new lanes with the eventual goal of comprehensive coverage of the metropolitan area. []
* There are 23 urban transport companies to travel around the city. You may ask someone for a route as the local people are very eager to help. A regular trip costs 1,700 COP.
*'''El Parque De La Canya''' is the biggest waterpark located in Colombia, with also the biggest water ride in South America. The water park is located in Barrio El Tronkal near the military base in Cali. Tickets are very cheap, there approximately $22 dollars per person. They have rides for adults as well, after 11 p.m the park turns into a club for adults only. Great amusement Park, must see.
* '''Salsa Learning''': There's a lot of salsa schools in Cali. You could do 2-3 group classes and do just fine in salsa clubs, as most caleños and tourists just dance whatever when they hear salsa music. For the serious student, a few notes: 1) Most people in Cali don't dance anything remotely close to the crazy steps you see on youtube videos. They just dance simple steps. 2) The most danced styles in the world are Cuban, on1 and on2. To get the most out of salsa caleña, focus on the leading and following techniques as those can be transferred to other styles of salsa, instead of having a vast array of combos and steps. 3)Group classes will be useless to you. If you want to get good in salsa caleña in the short while you'll stay in Cali, private classes are the way to go. 4) Pick your school carefully. Some schools seem to focus on the mindless repetition of crazy steps, which frankly, you won't use that much on the dance floor.
* '''La 66''' - Is one of the most visited streets in Cali, it is also located in the South of Cali. La 66 is a street full of clubs, bars, and restaurants that are open 24/7. Music and partying never stops in this street. Great place to attend when you have no plans. Great places for young adults and older folks. Great food in every corner.
*<do name="Motolombia" alt="" address="Calle 27N #6N-52" directions="" phone="+57(2)3929172" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Motolombia is a motorcycle tour and rental business run by Danish motorcycle world traveler Mike Thomsen. Motolombia offers guided tours and motorcycle rentals all over Colombia and South America. email: [email protected] - +57(2)3929172 / +57 314 652 39 76 / 314 652 51 97</do>
*<do name="Pance" alt="Pueblo Pance" address="Out of Cali" directions="" phone="310 667 7700" url="" hours="1" price="" lat="" long="">Pance is an small town near Cali, is a nice place to visit, watterfalls, rivers, where you can practice hiking trails, birdwatching, camping, there are some hostels, restaurants etc.</do>
* <do name="Escape From Cali Bike Tours" alt="" address="" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="313 5822287" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Cali is a most unique city and is not just about salsa and rumba. But the secret is, if you want to enjoy it fully, you're gonna need to ride a bike here. Discover the amazing nature and mountains around Cali with quality mountain bikes, daily departure to the Cristo Rey at 4 pm, night city tours from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.</do>
* '''Casa Salsa ''' - Great salsa school offering 1-on-1 lessons for Cali and LA style salsa and merengue. Fluent english/spanish teacher with a large focus on perfecting the technique, not just learning a bunch of moves. Competitive pricing starting at COP 30,000 for a single class, down to COP 24,000 per hour for bulk sessions. Located in San Antonio. ☎ 316 815 8327 email: [email protected]  * <listing name="Salsa Classes Cali" alt="" directions="" lat="" long="" address="" phone="Whatsapp: +57 305 354 9993" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""> Community of independent instructors in Cali. Instructors participate in national and international competitions so it works for beginners and very advanced dancers. You can take private lessons at home or in a studio close to you (San Antonio, Normandía, Ciudad Jardín, San Fernando, Miraflores). It's a very affordable option (from 40mil per hour). </listing>
* '''Sondeluz ''' - Salsa school focusing in 1on1 classes. Prices for one class is 45,000 COP; for a package of 10 classes is 36,500/hour, for a package of 20 hours is 31,500/hour. Classes with the head teacher(Luz) are 65,000/hour.(Prices January 2016)
* '''Universidad del Valle [] ''' - public university of the Valle del Cauca department. Well know for their high levels in Engineering, Sciences and Health Careers.
* '''Universidad Santiago de Cali [] ''' - one of the most popular Universities.
* '''Pontificia Universidad Javeriana [] ''' - Jesuit university
* '''Universidad Autonoma de Occidente []'''
* '''Universidad ICESI []''': Traditionally a business school, nowadays hosts many careers from Medical school to history to biomedical engineering.
* '''Universidad de San Buenaventura []'''
[[Image:Souvenir store.jpeg|thumb|250px|Souvenir store at Chipichape]]
*'''Chipichape''' mall []: a big indoor/outdoor shopping center built on an abandoned train station and warehouse north of downtown. It provides nearly everything and especially the possibility to have a drink at various outdoor bars, and to see many ''calenas''. Its the best place to meet other foreigners, immigrants and English speaking natives. Also a great place to buy local handicrafts and souvenirs at '''Tu Tierra Linda''' store, 2nd floor. The mall has movie theaters, two food courts, supermarket, a department store and much more. A hotel is now under construction. Chipichape also has '''free wireless internet''' in the open air where all the cafe bars are located.
*'''Unicentro''' [] is the largest mall in town located 10 km south of downtown. It has over 200 stores, 30 restaurants and cafes, a Multiplex, Casino as well as office space, a supermarket and a department store. A new addition opened in October 2008 features the largest water fountain in town.
* ''Cholados''- a delicious mix of shaved ice and exotic fruit with rasberry raspberry and sweet condensed milk sauces and a wafer cookie. Often sold from vendors that have stands that display fruit and shaved ice, and best found in Jamundi, about a 15 min drive from the southern neighborhoods of Cali.
* ''Pandebono'' - baked rings of cheese bread which is quite typical of Cali
* ''Champus'' - very exotic mix of pineapple , "lulo" (see below), corn and a plant called "limoncillo"... just delicious!.
* "Chorizo" - is a Colombian assuage that is usually hand madmade. It is made with pork meat, fat and seasoned with cilantro.
* "Arepa de Chocolo" - is very similar to corn bread. Technicaly it is a flatbread made out of sweet corn, really great with melted cheese and butter.
* '''Zaperoco''' is an excellent salsa club just off Avenida Sexta ( Av 5N # 16-46 || Tel: 661 2040). Salsa, rumba y son [].
* '''La Topa Tolondra''' is a popular salsa club recently extended in January 2017. Caleño residents and people from another continents alike. Very authentic salsa sounds and atmosphere, good for dancer and for the listener. Serve pola or aguardiente, you will enjoy it enormously. Calle 5 # 13 - 27 []
* '''Chango''' is a popular salsa club in the famous Juanchito sector in the other side of the Cauca River. Best salsa party in town.
* <sleep name="Hostel Local House" alt="" address="Cl 14N #6-31 Granada" directions="" phone="(2) 3126919" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Highly recommended budget hostel. At COP 20,000 it is probably the best value in town (Boogaloo is cheaper, but further out of town). This hostel is centrally located in Granada. It is brand new, so everything is in great condition and the beds are very comfortable. Fan rooms are COP 20,000 and air conditioned dorms from COP 23,000. Best thing about the place however is the staff. Everyone is bilingual, and out-of-their-way friendly. All the staff are more like your friends than staff. Possibly the best hostel staff in Colombia. Free salsa classes each day and free basic breakfast. The hostel is a nice size so it is easy to meet people.</sleep>
*<sleep name="La Pinta Boogaloo" alt="" address="Carrera 3 Oeste 11-49" directions="Bellavista" phone="+57.311.743.5197" url="" checkin="3:00 p.m." checkout="12:00 p.m." price="Dorms: 10 beds-COP 1619,000 / 8 beds-COP 20,000 / 4 beds female only: 35,000 // Privates shared bathroom: 1 person-COP 40,000 / 2 persons-COP 30,000 / 3 persons-COP 25,000 // Privates private bathroom: 1 person-COP 6026,000 / 2 persons-COP 45,000 / 3 persons-COP 30,000 / 4 persons-COP 30,000" lat="3.4466001" long="-76.5507916">La Pinta Boogaloo is the newest member of La Pinta hostels, offering a great place to stay in Cali, the capital of salsa. With a wide variety of spaces and accommodation options, La Pinta Boogaloo is the best way to discover the city, or simply take a day off by the pool or in its outdoors bar. Its facilities also include: Pool, free Wi-Fi, public computer, a hammock areahammocks, a salsa dancing room (with private lessons if you wishfree salsa lesson Mon-Fri), wide open gardens, and even a home cinema. They also offer a wide variety of accommodation, from dorms, to private rooms with private bathrooms and the feeling of being in a country house. A litle little out of the city center, : walking 30mn30min, taxi COP5000COP 5000, shared jeep COP 1,600. Bus terminal taxi COP8-12000COP 8000 (Prices July 2016)</sleep>
* <sleep name="Casa Agua Canela" alt="" address="Cra 24A N°2A-55 Miraflores" directions="" phone="cel: (57) 311 325 0578 / House: (57-2) 5 56 83 82" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="starting from COP 90,000" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Beautiful views over Cali from the lovely balcony if you stay on the top floor, a good location in the Miraflores area, and bright, clean, spacious rooms all come standard at Casa Agua Canela, as does friendly staff and good prices. You can cook for yourself using the equipped kitchen or ask them to prepare something tasty. Spacious, peaceful hostel with a relaxing vibe and not too many people around. You could always sleep outside on the communal balcony as there's a single bed there on the top floor if you stay up there. Big supermarket and cash point a short walk away as well as plenty of pastry shops.</sleep>
* <sleep name="La Fonda Pance" alt="" address="Main road to Pance 200 meters before the Topacio road" directions="" phone="3176643004" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">If you don´t want to spend your night in the city, nature can be a good option 25 minutes away from Cali</sleep>
*<sleep name="Drop Bear Hostel Cali" alt="" address="Calle 2 Oeste #25 28, San Fernando, Cali" directions="2 blocks from El Parque del Perro" phone="+573156039906 / +57 2 348 1993" email="[email protected]" url="" checkin="2pm" checkout="12pm" price="25000" lat="" long="">stylish hostel in the popular night life suburb of San Fernando, right next to bars and restaurants. Free breakfast, free internet, BBQ and Jacuzzi, dorms and private rooms, customer kitchen, free towel rental, lockers, hot water, drinkable water. Mutlicultural nights with Mealsurfiing, salsa classes, yoga clasess. Super stylish place, clean and quiet but still very social. Two netflix rooms also. Dorms from $25mil, privates from $80mil</sleep>
* City of Jamundi half hour drive (ask for Cholados that Jamundi is famous for-a delicious mix of shaved ice and exotic fruit with rasberry and sweet condensed milk sauces and a wafer cookie. Often sold from vendors that have stands that display fruit and shaved ice. There is a traffic circle roundabout near the city entrance with many Cholado stands)
* [[Popayan]] is about three hours away, and a nice place to stay for a couple of days. There are numerous bus companies available. The most reliable bus operators are '''Velotax''' (4am-10pm, every 30mins), '''Tax Belalcazar''' (5am-8pm, every 30mins) and '''Expreso Bolivariano''', these companies generally only stop a couple of times on route. Avoid Expreso Puerto Tejada and Expesos Palmira as they stop often and take much longer.
* [[Isla Gorgona]] is a remote Island in the pacific. The whole island is a national park, specially known for scuba diving expeditions because of the great diversity in fauna. There is a brand new fancy ECO hotel opened in 2009 []. Reachable from Cali: Either via Buenaventura (2.5 hrs to the west by car) or regional flights available from Cali to Guapi. From any of these towns you need to take a boat to the island.

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