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Olympic National Park

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* Hood Canal Area: [[Hoodsport]], [[Lake Cushman]], [[Belfair]] and [[Shelton (Washington)|Shelton]].
* Lake Quinault: [[Lake Quinault]] and [[Amanda Park]].
**'''Lake Quinault Lodge''' is a large lodge building on the southern shore of the lake with a capacity of 91 rooms and one suite. The lodge sits on an expansive lawn that follows a shallow slope down to the lake, with numerous places to sit, a gazebo, and a large outdoor fireplace. There are trails nearby, swimming, and boat rentals facilitated by the Lodge.
**'''Lake Quinault Resort''' is a small, scenic motel located on the north shore opposite the Lake Quinault Lodge and features two storied rooms and a restaurant for guests and visitors. The motel sits on an expansive lawn with three levels and it weaves it’s way down to the shore line. This creates an excellent view of the lake below and makes the resort a dynamic and popular space for weddings and similar events.
Lodging located within the park includes:
* '''Log Cabin Resort'''. Offers a variety of lodging options, along with a camping area for RVs and tents. A dining room, soda fountain, boat rentals, a grocery and gift shop and is located on the north shore of Lake Crescent, about 20 miles west of Port Angeles.
* '''Lake Crescent Lodge'''. The lodge has cabinscabins—both smaller ones laid out almost as a neighborhood and 3 larger, “Roosevelt Cabins,” which are much more isolated and sit together at the far end of the grounds, motel rooms , and rooms in the historic lodge building, along with a dining room, lounge and coffee bar, gift shop and boat rentals. The grounds feature a small rock beach on the water and a large dock for visitors to walk out and look at the clear, blue water. The water is very clean and swimming is possible, but it’s ill-advised any time of the year outside of summer, as it is extremely cold.
* '''Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort'''. Offers The resort offers fairly simple, small cabins, hot spring pools, a dining roomand restaurant, poolside deli , and a grocery store. All and all, a fairly sustainable place to vacation. If you wish to stay at the resort, you’re going to want to make a reservation some time in advance, as the resort is often to capacity. However, you can make pay to make use of the services without staying there just as easily if you can’t get in or would just like to make a day trip. An RV park with hookups is also available. The resort is located 40 miles west of Port Angeles.

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