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Olympic National Park

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Because of the all-encompassing size of the park within the peninsula, your best bet for restaurants is at the various lodges/hotels themselves, all of which are open to guests as well as the public.
*'''Salmon House Restaurant and Lounge''' The Salmon House, part of the Rain Forest Resort Village, sits on a large lawn that stretches out to the edge of Lake Quinault, which is a perfect space for kids to run around and play if they’re getting antsy in the restaurant or from driving around too long. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and features a good variety of options (though no part of the menu suffers from this), including seafood, pasta dishes, steaks, soups, and a salad bar. The restaurant also has desserts and a kid’s menu. Prices can be moderately expensive but are generally fair. The interior space is cozy and comfortable but is sizable enough to fit a good amount of people.
*'''Kalaloch’s Creekside Restaurant''' The Creekside Restaurant is a part of the main Kalaloch Lodge building and features an excellent view of the beach and water below, and the space is designed to focus on that. While the restaurant is very open and has an interesting layout to accommodate for this, it is remains cozy and in line with the design of the rest of the lodge. The restaurant’s menu is fairly small, but does breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and manages a kid’s menu. The menu can get moderately expensive, but for the most part is fairly priced.
*'''Lake Crescent Lodge Dining Room''' The lodge has a couple options right inside the main building—there’s an actual sit down restaurant and there’s a bar where you can get burgers, soft drinks, alcohol, and related items. The main restaurant does breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
*'''Sol Duc Hot Springs Restaurant''' The Sol Duc Hot Springs Restaurant serves breakfast, dinner, and desert (lunch is done outside at their Poolside Deli), and has a kids’ menu. Prices start mostly cheap at breakfast and get progressively more expensive as the day goes along, with dinner being somewhat pricey ($13-29 for entrees, $7.50-19 for salads, soups, and other starters). Menu is fairly small.
*'''Roosevelt Dining Room''' The Roosevelt Dining Room is located within the Lodge at Lake Quinault and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu is moderately expensive, with breakfast ranging from 8 to 15 dollars, lunch from 7 to 21, and dinner entrees ranging from 18 to 34 dollars. The main room is decorated sparsely, making the room feel open and pushing the focus on the expansive view of the lake.

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