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Olympic National Park

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*'''Beaches'''. There are numerous beaches that can be visited, most are simply numbered, i.e. Beach trail 3. Ruby beach is one exception, which also happens to be very hard to get to. This makes Ruby beach one of many ideal locations to visit if you are seeking solitude while you enjoy nature. Despite the small populations in this part of the state, some of the beaches can be quite crowded during a small period in the summer months (usually 3 weeks or so in late June and early July), with fishermen, clamers, and screaming children.
*'''Sol Duc Hot Springs''' The Sol Duc hot springs are a group of mineral hot springs maintained by the Sol Duc Lodge. The site also features a swimming pool.
**The Sol Duc Hot Springs are located near the undeveloped Olympic Hot Springs. While it may be fun to go see the hot springs in their natural state, the waters are not maintained by public health officials and may contain dangerous bacteria. Bathing is discouraged, especially when done in the nude.
**'''Trails''' The hot springs are planted right by several scenic trails which go through old growth forest, by nearby lakes (Deer Lake and Mink Lake specifically), and a shorter path to the unique Sol Duc Falls, where the Sol Duc river splits into three waterfalls (occasionally a fourth, much smaller one during flooding) which pour into a small chasm that funnels to the river below.
*'''Kayaking on Lake Crescent.''' The Lake Crescent Lodge offers rentable kayaks to take out onto the lake. Because of the deep blue quality of the water, kayaking to the middle can be uniquely serene. If you have the dedication, you can kayak to the shore opposite of the lodge grounds and you will find some trails and an old, abandoned rail bed nearby amongst the uniformly gorgeous pacific northwest foliage.
*'''[[Hiking]] and [[Backpacking]]''' The Olympic National Park has a very extensive trail system, both through the interior and along the coast. Much of the interior and the coast is wilderness and can only be seen from the trails.

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