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*Boddhi Tataung
8 km from Thanboddhay Pagoda, stand 3 big statues of Buddha and a golden pagoda which makes a pretty amazing sight. One Buddha is standing, another is lying on its side and also a smaller one (sitting with a cobra snake in the back). You can enter the inside of the standing Buddha which consists of quite a few stories. The images on the walls are mostly depicting hell. Another big sitting Buddha is in construction (2016).
* Phowintaung Caves
The complex is 20km west of Monywa and contains 947 small and large richly decorated caves. It is carved into a sandstone outcrop and contains numerous carved Buddha statues and mural paintings of geometric patterns and Jataka stories. The statues and paintings have been dated to between the 14th and 18th centuries. It is accessible from Monywa either by direct road over the new bridge or by a ferry across the Chindwin and then taking a jeep at the scenic Nyaungbin village. The locals pay 200Kyat one-way for the ferry, but they tried to charge the "foreigner-price" of 5000kyat and we could not bargain that down, so we didn't took the ferry.
More Information on the [ Wikipedia article]
* Sutaungpyae Pagoda
Located near the riverside is a pretty big Pagoda with Tempel and even a mini rollercoaster (probably not useable for visitor). It features a Library with Books, Casettes and CDs all in Burmese language. There are also figures of famous monks which looks very authentic (remains a bit to the madame toussand's Waxfigures)
* Phayagyi Pagoda
Next to the clock tower In the hear of the city is the Phayagyi Pagoda. It appears to be very new so it's supershiny and clean. Some parts are still in constructiong (March 2016) but most of the buildings are finished. They have impressive woodcarving as decoration everywhere.
* Riverside
It's maybe not the nicest sights you ever seen, but the area is very lively. A lot of boats charters here, people washing their bodies and clothes, families living in Shipwracks and its a good spot to relax a bit and see the daily life going on.

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